Calgary 403.531.2273
Toll Free 1.888.531.2273
Website address childrenshospitallottery.ca

P.O. Box 2528 STN M
Calgary, AB T2P 1A7

By telephone 1-888-531-2273 or online childrenshospitallottery.ca

Cheque, Money Order, Visa, Visa Debit, and MasterCard.

1 for $100

4 for $250

8 for $375

18 for $500

17,500 single tickets at $100 each

4,600 sets of 4 for $250

1,600 sets of 8 for $375

2400 sets of 18 for $500

Total 91,900 tickets sold

All Proceeds go directly to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

All Proceeds go to the Kinsmen Club of the Stampede City to be donated to worthy Charites in our community.

1 Ticket for $10

10 Tickets for $25

25 Tickets for $50

50 Ticket for $75

2,400 single tickets at $10 each

8,040 sets of 10 for $25

7,500 sets of 25 for $50

8,000 sets of 50 for $75


Total 670,300 tickets sold

The prize value is 50% of the total ticket sales for a maximum of up to $1,200,000.

Go to childrenshospitallottery.ca and view the KinWin 50 tracker.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for printed tickets and 24 hours for e-tickets.


   Loyalty June-1-2022
   Early Bird July-20-2022
   KinWin 50 Aug-11-2022
   Final Aug-11-2022


   Loyalty 11 am, June-16-2022
   Early Bird 11 am, August-4-2022
   KinWin 50 11 am, Aug-25-2022
   Final 11 am, Aug-25-2022

Winners will be published on the website within 10 days following the draw dates

Once draws have been completed prize letters will be mailed out within 3-4 weeks following the draw. The prize letter informs the winner of what they have won and where and when to pick up their prize. They must have the prize letter and picture I.D.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, if you elect to claim a travel voucher to redeem toward a different travel package from the vendor, this voucher will have no expiry date.

1 cash prize of $40,000

4 Total Cash Prizes

1 x $100,000, 1 x $50,000, 1 x $30,000, 1 x $20,000

57 Whispering Springs Way, Heritage Pointe, AB T1S 4K5

Show homes will be open starting June 4th, Saturday and Sunday Noon-5:00pm and Closed on holidays.

The prize value is 50% of the total ticket sales for a maximum of upto $1,200,000.

The lottery draws will be conducted using an RNG (Random Number Generation) system. The winning raffle draw number shall be determined from the pool of sold lottery ticket numbers.

Dean Faithfull / Stride Management Corp.

No there is no tax receipt issued and the ticket is not tax deductible.

Yes. E-tickets are emailed immediately and Printed Ticket(s) will be mailed out within 2-3 weeks.

Yes. Should the ticket be a winner, the prize is then awarded to the corporation or business and the person who claims the prize must be able to prove they are an authorized officer of that company.

Should a purchaser want to put more than 2 names on a ticket it is recommended that the purchaser keep record of who is involved with the purchase. The licensee will not be responsible for any conflict between joint ticket purchases. In the event of a winning ticket stub having more than one name the lottery will award the prize to any individual whose name is listed on the stub. The licensee is not responsible for resolving any disputes, which may arise from the different individuals.


The ticket can be mailed to any address (even out of Alberta). The Children’s Hospital Lottery is not responsible for provincial or state taxes imposed on a prize exported out of Alberta.

Contest guidelines prohibit the following people from purchasing tickets: The Lottery Manager, the Ticket Auditor, the Lottery Committee, employees of Stride Management Corp., immediate family of those listed above and anyone under the age of 18.

(Immediate family member is defined as: parent, brother, sister, son, daughter or spouse).

The Children’s Hospital Lottery, The Kinsmen Club of the Stampede City and Stride Management Corp. respect your privacy. We do not rent, sell or trade our mailing lists. The personal information collected will be used to process ticket orders and to contact you regarding ongoing and future lotteries. The names, cities and winning ticket numbers of winners will be published on Children’s Hospital Lottery website childrenshospitallottery.ca.