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Who we are and who we can become are rooted in the brain. In childhood, the brain is at peak potential for learning and development, yet also incredibly vulnerable. Illness or injury can severely alter the entire direction of a child’s life.

Cohen's Story

Cohen needed a team of specialists to save―and change―his life, after his parents noticed some twitches and unexplainable eye movements when he was just four months old. With the help of state-of-the-art imaging technology at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Cohen was quickly diagnosed with Sturge-Weber syndrome―a rare genetic disorder that had caused a malformation of blood vessels in his brain and was triggering hard to detect, yet dangerous seizures.

Cohen’s neurology and genetics teams combined their expertise to develop the best treatment plan for him before the seizures could cause irreparable brain damage.

Thankfully, Cohen’s seizures were controlled with medication and the team keeps a close eye on him as he grows to ensure the meds keep doing their job. Today, Cohen is hitting all the milestones of a typical two-year old – chatting up a storm and getting into everything!

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Together, we can change the course of a child’s history.

You can help children just like Cohen.


This year we are celebrating 30 years of the Children’s Hospital Lottery! And 100 years of the Alberta Children’s Hospital! Two incredible milestones and an opportunity to feel proud of how we’ve worked together to create healthier futures for children in our community. By supporting the Lotto, you’ve helped kids in so many vital ways, including:

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Today, your generosity will once again fund life-saving, life-changing technology to diagnose seizures sooner and more accurately than ever before. Together, we can continue to ensure kids receive the best care possible when they need it most-today and into the next 100 years.