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August 24, 2023



Your ticket purchase helps kids access cutting-edge and life-changing Brain-Computer Interface technology.

Claire sits in her wheelchair in front of a computer screen, interacting with the image on screen through her BCI headset.

The Life-Changing Power of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) for Kids

Imagine feeling trapped inside your body, unable to walk, talk, or use your hands, yet fully aware of the world around you. What if you could use your brain to do things your body can’t?

BCI uses leading-edge technology that recognizes changes in thought patterns and translates them into signals, allowing a child to control a device, like a computer mouse or wheelchair. While wearing a BCI headset, a child can think of the word “go” to move a remote-controlled car forward.

Through BCI, children with severely limited movement and speech and intact intellect are learning new ways to express themselves, interact with their environment and gain independence.

Claire sits in her wheelchair, she has her hair in a scrunchie, is wearing pink glasses and smiling at the camera with a sparkly pink mermaid tail in her lap.

Claire’s Story

Claire has cerebral palsy and, while she is unable to move on her own or speak, this smart, giggly, and sassy seven-year-old is determined to be the life of the party.

Thanks to BCI’s state-of-the-art technology, experts at the Alberta Children’s Hospital are helping Claire actively participate in family activities by harnessing her brain power. Wearing a special headset, Claire concentrates on certain words that signal the BCI technology to control various devices.

For the first time in her life, using just her mind, Claire can switch on toys, roll a mechanical dice during family game nights, and even operate the blender to help her mom make her favourite Oreo milkshake!

BCI has been life-changing for Claire, allowing her to interact with her family and many friends in new and exciting ways.

You Can Help Kids Like Claire

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